There's nothing super about us.

We're not special in any way.

We're one hot mess of a family in the trenches of Nerf gun wars and daily hygiene battles with four boys who rock our world (and remind us that underwear checks are an absolute necessity).

But God has given our team a passion to fight for the "special" superheroes who are ... the more than 600,000 mostly "special needs" orphans still living without forever families in China.

After hosting and advocating for two of these superheroes, calling two more sons and gazing into the eyes of hundreds of these precious children on two different trips to China, we can't keep the greatest secret we know quiet.

That the "special needs" of these deserving superheroes are really just superpowers in disguise.

And that THESE sweet superheroes — they are the greatest gifts of all.

Of Capes and Combat Boots started in 2016 as a little blog with a little mission to change these superheroes' stories, and, in three years, grew into an entire community of Orphan Warriors who fight to change the Chinese orphan story.

Want to don your boots and go to battle for these superheroes who age out of the international adoption system at age 14?

Follow the blog at, and join the Operation Orphan Warrior movement at

Sharing the orphan story can change it ... one sweet superhero at a time.