Free Resources for Military Families

The Six Superpowers of Military Superspouses: If you saw Michelle live, you know the first five. Download this document to read about the MOST important superpower -- Superpower No. 6.

Scripture Stickers for Superspouses on the Homefront: A collection of Scriptures for encouraging the heart throughout the trials of military life. Print on 2" x 4" mailing labels for instant inspirational stickers.

Superpower Stickers for Superspouses: The six superpowers every milspouse needs to make the most of military life. Print on 2" x 4" mailing labels for instant inspirational stickers. Then write two of your own superpowers!

Rekindling the Courtship: Super Starters for Redeployment Conversations: Looking for ways to initiate deeper post-homecoming conversation than the contents of your deployment dinners? Download this list of 40 redeployment conversation starters. Turn this Q&A into a candlelit dinner date night, or answer one question together each day!

Setting the Expectations for a Super Reintegration: One of the keys to experiencing a smooth reintegration is to clearly communicate your expectations and desires. Use this free download to start the conversation BEFORE your service member redeploys.

Military Child Appreciation Certificate: April is the Month of the Military Child. Print this sample certificate for each of your superheroes in kid-sized capes. Consider delivering it to school with an appreciation lunch or a homemade award. Your superheroes with the most thankless jobs will love being honored for THEIR sacrifices.

10 Super Ways to Support Superspouses on the Homefront: Looking for ways to encourage or support a military family, either as an individual or as a community or church group? Check out this list of spouse-tested blessings. The military families in your life will thank you.

5 Ideas for a Meaningful Memorial Day Celebration: Memorial Day is for more than just barbecues and beach get-aways; it's for honoring the heroes who have given everything in service to this country. Looking for family-friendly ways to honor the fallen this Memorial Day? Let these celebration ideas inspire your own.