Introducing 2D DJ

When Super-Spouse departed for a long business trip, the boys and I needed a way to stay connected — to keep this precious man involved in all our family activities and give us a reason to laugh when our time apart didn’t seem very funny.

That’s when we ordered a Flat Daddy.

For nine months, Flat Daddy traveled with us to baseball games and Mexican restaurants and field trips and pumpkin patches. He wore Easter hats to Sunday service and hot pink aprons to summer barbecues. For ¾ of a year, Flat Daddy was never without a stylish outfit, a brood of doting boys, a hilarious photo op or a really great story.

His perfectly plastered smile and incredibly cooperative attitude got us through many difficult days, and he, in all his flat glory, allowed our children to rewrite THEIR separation story — and turn it into one that included JOY.

And that’s why, in the face of DJ’s temporary “extension” in China, the boys and I made THIS:


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